Estate Planning & Probate

Isn't It Time To Create An Estate Plan?

An estate plan can be intimidating. Many in St. Louis believe they don't own enough property to bother with an estate plan. Others may worry about the cost, while some may not want to think about its implications at all.

Nonetheless, estate planning or the lack thereof and probate will touch everyone at some point. Even if you do nothing, Missouri has created an estate plan for you. It is called "intestate succession" and it will distribute your assets in a formulaic manner.

Everyone Should Have A Plan

An estate plan may include wills and trusts, and other legal instruments, like powers of attorney. The important thing to remember is that every estate plan is different as every individual and their family situation is different. At The Inskip Law Firm, we offer cost-effective estate planning that provides the important instruments you need. A simple estate plan starts at just $550.

Avoiding Probate

A comprehensive estate plan can often avoid probate, by placing your assets into a trust or with the use of other planning strategies, like life insurance. Depending on your estate and your family circumstance, you may need multiple trusts. Our lawyer examines your assets, liabilities and your family situation and then explains your options on how to achieve your goals.


You may not think much about it, if you suffered an accident or medical emergency that left you incapacitated, your bank accounts and other parts of your life might be inaccessible to the members of your family.

Advance health care directives, or living wills, could also become important to provide clear indications of your wishes for medical care and provide authority for family members to make decisions for you.

Find Out How To Begin Your Estate Plan Today!

Many of our estate planning services are available at a flat-fee rate. Find out how we can assist you with your legal issue. The Inskip Law Firm is located in St. Louis and we offer free initial consultations. Call at 314-684-8196 or contact us online.